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Running a business is time consuming finding good insurance shouldn't be.

No more worrying about coverage gaps, The HL Group has you covered.

Eligible Risks

  • Wine Production

  • Wine Production for Others

  • Alternating Proprietorships

  • Custom Crush

  • Wine Storage

  • Tasting Rooms

  • Wine Shops

  • Beverage Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Special Events

  • Catering

  • Lodging

Lines of Business

Provides the following lines of insurance for wineries

  • Business Property & Equipment

  • Wine Products

  • Wine Contamination

  • Leakage of Wine

  • Tanks & Barrels

  • Specialized Wine Valuation

  • Transit Coverage

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • Farm Buildings

  • Estate Vineyard Dwellings

  • Product Withdrawal Expense

  • General Liability

  • Liquor Liability

  • Chemical Drift Liability

  • Farm Liability

  • Pollution Liability

  • Personal Liability

  • Cyber Risk

  • Commercial Auto

  • Excess Liability

  • Employment Practices Liability

Included on all winery policies:

Wine Stock Valuation

Outlines how losses to wine will be valued during the different stages of the wine manufacturing process for:

  • In-process wine stock

  • Bulk wine

  • Bottled wine

Wine Leakage and Wine Contamination Coverage
  • Wine Leakage: Covers accidental leakage of your wine stock from your tanks, vessels, or barrels due to a covered cause of loss, tank implosion or collapse or errors or omissions by you or your employees. Coverage may also be extended up to 10% of the wine leakage limit for your wine stock being processed by a vendor on your behalf.

  • Wine Contamination: Provides coverage for loss or damage for cork taint or oxidation of your bottled wine and contamination of your wine stock from a specified cause of loss, contact with fluids used to clean, cool or maintain tanks, vessels, barrels, or bottles or the accidental introduction of a foreign substance, agent, enzyme and/or organism not customary or usual to the wine making process and is not correctable.


A package developed to meet the specific coverage needs of a winery:
  • Brands and labels: Covers up to $25,000 per occurrence for the cost of relabeling products or goods prior to sale usually for a substantially reduced price due to a covered cause of loss.

  • Blending and omissions: Covers losses up to $5,000 per occurrence from unintentional blending of your wine with other wine or dilution of your wine from water or other liquids excluding cleaning solvents for refrigerants. 

  • Spoilage: up to $25,000 per occurrence for loss of perishable stock including wine stock due to mechanical breakdown, power outage, equipment failure, or contamination of stock by a refrigerant. $25,000 for spoilage of perishable stock.

  • Contingent Transit Coverage: Up to $50,000 per shipment for bulk or bottled wine you sell to others which is shipped to them at their expense and risk of loss, but only if you cannot collect on the bill of sale because of a covered loss. 

  • Packaging Errors: Pays costs you incur to repackage or re-label your finished wine stock due to an unintentional error in labeling, bottling, or packaging.

  • Peak season: Business personal property coverage limit is automatically increased by 25% during peak production periods.

  • Tank Collapse/Implosion: Covers damage to covered property caused by the inward collapse or implosion of your tanks used in the wine making process.

  • Wine Cellars and Caves: Covers foundations or supports and retaining walls for subterranean structures used in your winery operations for the storing and aging of wine damaged from a covered cause of loss.

  • Processors' Coverage: Provides up to $25,000 per occurrence for a covered loss to your wine stock in the custody of a processor performing work for you or to wine stock of others for which you are performing work and are legally liable.

  • Includes Winery Property Gold Package overages.


Orchard and Vineyard Property Plus Endorsement
  • Harvested Grapes: Pays up to $50,000 per occurrence for direct physical loss or damage from a covered peril to your harvested grapes including related packing materials and containers at your location, in transit, or at a processing facility and not yeast in crush. Increased limits available.

  • Grape vines, Stakes, and Trellises Coverage: Up to $50,000 per occurrence for direct physical loss to your grape vines (including fruit thereon), stakes and supporting trellises from a covered cause of loss. Damaged or destroyed grape vines are limited to $1,000 per vine which includes the expenses incurred for removal. Increased limits available.

  • Contamination of Vineyard Products: Provides up to $25,000 per occurrence for direct physical loss to your grape vines (including fruit thereon) and harvested grapes at your location due to a sudden and accidental release of fluids from machinery used to harvest grapes.

  • Contingent Transit Coverage: Up to $150,000 per shipment for orchard and vineyard products you sell to others which are shipped to them at their expense and risk of loss, but only if you cannot collect on the bill of sale because of a covered loss.



We recognize that every business is different, and every year brings new challenges and opportunities. We've been helping businesses, farms and families grow, and we’ll work with you to provide insurance  solutions for every aspect of your business. You can count on The HL Group to be there when you need us most, as you grow, and when your needs change.


You work hard for your business. Let us work hard to help you protect it.

Enhance Your BUSINESS Protection With Think Twice

With insurance in place, the second half of the equation must involve proactive front of house policies that prove due diligence related to your alcohol service.

The increasing number of successful lawsuits against bar operators suggest much more than state minimums are needed, implement a loss prevention program of substance, The HL Group + Think Twice.

Consistent documentation after an incident can be a cornerstone in the defense of your business. The Think Twice Incident Log Book makes it easy for service teams to complete this task and get back to taking care of customers.

Breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people, so it makes sense for the public to understand and use this technology as a prevention tool. A Think Twice single-use breathalyzer that does not read above 0.08% BAC, making it perfect for the hospitality industry.

Practical tools to reduce liquor liability for alcohol serving establishments. Learn more about DUI prevention from Think Twice.

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