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What is Life Insurance?


Life insurance is a financial protection policy for your family that gives them a tax-free cash payment if you die while the policy is in effect.

Term Life Insurance

Term life gives you protection for a specific number of years.  It can be used to protect a fixed expense like a mortgage or to provide coverage while you have dependents.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is generally a more expensive product that provides protection for the entirety of your life as long as premiums are paid.  It can contain a cash value component that can be utilized during your living years.

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Types of Life Insurance.

Here’s a summary of some of the basic features and differences between the different types of life insurance.

Life Insurance Pillars

Life Insurance Pillars

The first step to buying life insurance is calculating how much coverage you need. Our life insurance calculator will help you understand your needs based on your life circumstances and your financial situation.


Once you know how much coverage you need, the HL Group will compare quotes from the nation’s top carriers and find the best rates available for you. Even better, we’ll guide you through the entire application process until your policy is complete.


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The average cost of Life Insurance.

Most Americans overestimate the cost of term life insurance by more than double.

But a healthy 30-year-old male pays an average of just $21 a month for a 20-year policy. A $100,000 policy can be under $10 a month and increasing coverage to $1,000,000 costs $37 a month — less than half the cost of a typical internet bill.


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