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Individual Disability

An individual disability policy pays a percentage of the insured’s needs based on policy guidelines if they are sick or hurt and unable to work.  Individual disability plans (IDI) can be customized based on the client’s needs.
  • Amount the policy will pay (not in excess of 60% of the insured’s pre-tax income).

  • Waiting period (elimination period) How long the insured will need to be disabled prior to receiving payment.

  • Benefit period (how long the insured will receive payments if they are continuously disabled).

  • Definition of Disability (How the insurer defines the insured’s inability to work such as own-occupation, modified own occupation of any occupation).

  • Renewal provisions of the policy (non-cancellable or guaranteed renewable)

  • Riders (additional features such as cost of living adjustment, residual disability payments or future purchase options)